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Why not a modern canteen with tasty meals and a traditional way of cooking.

We provide our guests with a culinary experience even during hectic workdays. We have respect for cooking and every day we use only fresh ingredients from well-proven suppliers. You will always get an honest meal from the beginning to the end.

Our signature meals include a variety of fried cheese, chicken cordon bleu with sautéed peas and strong beef broth with liver gnocchi as well as meals from our bistros – burgers, pulled meat, pho soup, grilled cod with Hollandaise sauce and tournedos Rossini.

The key to success is continuous growth.



We started as two friends – Filip Sajler and Mirek Kotaška. We shared the vision of “fine dining” catering. So, we plunged into it. We worked hard day and night. We had our first successes and failures.


Key investors and Perfect Catering s.r.o.

After some time, two key investors took notice of our determination. Thanks to them, we were able to start PERFECT CATERING s.r.o. Our catering for the fashion show of Vivienne Westwood in the Spanish Hall was of key importance for us. This is when we realized that our dream had come true.


Perfect Canteen s.r.o.

Appetite comes with eating. One day our satisfied client asked us: “You guys make such delicious meals for us in the evening, couldn’t you make them during the day as well?” To be honest – at first, we did not like at all the idea of running a canteen. But we took it as a challenge

We have decided not to compromise our service, ingredients and space. We have decided to provide our guests with a culinary experience even during hectic workdays and to design it more or less like a traditional restaurant. And this is how PERFECT CANTEEN s.r.o. was created.

The standard of company dining was back then determined by global gastronomic giants for which price was the only criterion. Nobody was really concerned about the quality of ingredients, the skills of personnel and the environment. Not only did we have to get the business started, but we also had to prove everybody that it really could be done differently.


Perfect Canteen as a part of HOPI holding a.s.

We have joined forces with HOPI and entered this family holding company. Thanks to this symbiosis of services, we have gained better access to quality and fresh ingredients, logistics, IT and technology. So we can provide our guests with an even more innovative service and sustainable food quality.


We currently operate 17 company restaurants for such clients as Avast, Generali Česká pojišťovna, Moneta, O2, Penta and Sazka.

We approach every new canteen as a unique and specific project built on our longtime well-proven values. We provide our guests with a culinary experience as well as warm atmosphere. Every our canteen is an unique place made through close cooperation with architects, designers and artists.


Filip Sajler

CEO, founder of Perfect group and the most famous Czech chef

He worked in top restaurants in the USA, Germany, Singapore, France and the Czech Republic so he completed interships with world-wide michelin-starred chefs as Yannick Alléno, Armand Arnand and Norbert Niederkopfler. He was a member of the Czech National Culinary Team and holds many awards from around the world, including a trophy from the Culinary Olympics.


Martin Staněk

Creative Chef

The general supervision is provided by Martin Staněk who comes up with all new recipes together with Filip Sajler. He represented Czech gastronomy as a member of Czech National Culinary Team for years, completed an internship with michelin-starred chef Yannick Alléno, teaches cooking in  prestigious Gourmet Academy and works as a creative chef at Eat Perfect by Filip Sajler as well.


Our team


We carefully select our colleagues – service, cooks, chefs and creative team – since the very beginning. The key to success is: continuous growth, long-term education, working with young people and team cooperation. This is why, we regularly train in cooking basics and latest procedures and we invest 1 CZK from every sold serving into team and young talents education. 


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